Why a Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Is Important

Why a Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Is Important

Commercial roofs can be difficult to monitor given the sheer size of these systems. But with a good inspection and maintenance plan, you can keep your roof as well as the rest of the building in good shape and minimize the chance of costly damage. In this post, Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC — a trusted provider of roofing and gutter protection services — lists three of the main benefits of developing a commercial roof maintenance plan.

Reduce Hassle and Avoid Damage

A thorough roof inspection enables you to identify minor issues and promptly address them, eliminating the risk of more extensive damage and costlier repairs. By remaining updated on the condition of your roof, you can avoid major hassles, expenses and even liability. Leaks, for instance, can reach the interior of your building, creating drips and puddles of water in the hallways or usable spaces. These can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of injury among passersby.

Prolong the Lifespan of the Roof

In gutter systems, gutter guards protect the gutters and help extend the service life of the entire roofing system. The same can be said about roof maintenance and inspections. If your roof is well-protected and maintained, you can expect the structure to last for decades. Roofs that do not receive proper maintenance may fail after just 10-15 years. With regular maintenance, your commercial roof can definitely go well beyond that.

Preserve the Building’s Interior

Roof maintenance is doesn’t just benefit the actual roof system; it also helps preserve the condition of your building’s interior. Roof leaks can create a hazard for employees and clients in the building and can also cause damage to equipment like computers. When water drips on a computer, for example, it might short out and create other potential hazards.

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