Why You Should Replace Sliding Glass Doors With French Doors

Why You Should Replace Sliding Glass Doors With French Doors

French doors have been around for a long time. They first rose to popularity in 17th-Century France, during the famed symmetrical design of the Renaissance. It was called a “window door” by French architects because of its many glass panes that allow plenty of light in. They were originally used as nothing more than oversized windows.

french doors are better than sliding glass doors

Today, roofing and door contractors still get plenty of orders for French doors. They are perhaps the most popular patio door around the world, and they are also used as interior doors for separating portions of a home.

If you have old sliding glass doors leading to your patio or deck, think about replacing them with French doors. There are several reasons to do it.


French doors are a security improvement over old sliding doors, as your door and roofing contractor would tell you. Your sliding doors open and close by gliding on rollers and tracks. An intruder can pry or prop those doors from the track using simple tools so they can gain access to your home.

Swing-out French doors cannot be pried open. It’s also very difficult to kick them in, especially without making a racket. Apart from the locking mechanism between the two doors, they also have steel rod locks at the top and bottom. 

Most top-quality French doors also have thicker glass than regular sliding glass doors, making them harder to break into.


If you’re not concerned about safety, but you’re tired of having to clean the tracks of your sticking sliding doors, that’s a good enough reason to replace them with French doors. No more tracks to clean. 

With sliding doors, you probably don’t get as much open access as you would with French doors, which allow you to enjoy the maximum width of the doors when you open them. You’ll have no problem with access when you’re moving furniture to your patio.


Between regular sliding glass doors and French doors, the latter would win a contest about looks. Most sliding glass doors are plain to look at, but French doors exude class. They always look comfortable and welcoming. If a home buyer has to choose between two identical houses whose only difference is that one has sliding glass doors and the other has French doors leading to the patio or deck, there is almost no doubt that they would choose the one with the French doors.

Energy Efficiency

You can find sliding glass doors that offer superb energy efficiency, but French doors are still the champion when it comes to this function. With Low-E glass and a snug fit when closed, good French doors don’t rattle and leak heated or cooled air.

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