Fall Window Maintenance Guide

Fall Window Maintenance Guide

Fall is a great time to perform maintenance around the house, particularly the exterior components as they are exposed to the elements all year. This is an opportunity to look for signs of damage so you can have them fixed before they turn into more expensive problems. Your roofing contractor would be happy to inspect your roof, including the attic, to make sure it’s ready for the freezing winter months.

fall window maintenance

Another component of your home that needs proper inspection is the windows. Good windows are designed to be long-lasting and effective at keeping your home insulated from heat, cold, and moisture, but they deserve some maintenance and cleaning to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

Here are some suggestions from window and roofing experts:

Check for Damaged Parts

Your windows are a collection of parts that work together for optimum performance against the weather while also providing great views of the outdoors. That performance will suffer if the window has a broken component. For example, if you notice condensation in the glass of a dual-pane window, the seal is probably broken and the window might be less effective at insulation. Fall is the perfect time to call your window contractor to have your window fixed.

Check the Seal Around the Frame

Over time, the space around the window frame might start forming leaks. You can stop the problem from getting worse by using some caulk and some weather stripping. Even a small leak in the insulating foam around a window can cause heat to escape.

Take Out the Storm Windows

If you have storm windows lying around in the shed or the garage, take them out, clean them properly, and install them. They can add some protection for your windows against heavy snow and extreme weather events. They can also add a little more insulation to keep your home warmer.

Clean Your Windows

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your windows. Most windows are simple enough to clean using a microfiber cloth, warm water with a little mild liquid detergent, a squeegee, and a regular garden hose. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might lead to seal breakage or color damage. Clean your windows every fall to prepare them for winter.

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