The Right Time to Install New Windows

The Right Time to Install New Windows

If you’re considering a window replacement to increase your home’s energy-efficiency and indoor comfort but not sure if your current ones are still in good condition, you can always check them for signs such as warping, rot, condensation between the panes, or difficulty in operation. And to ensure your window installation goes as smoothly as it should, always hire trusted professional contractors such as Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC.

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The Average Lifespan of Your Windows

A typical residential window should last around 15 to 30 years, even if high quality brands were professionally installed in your home. However, proper care and maintenance ensures your windows will last well over 20 years before it shows noticeable signs of deterioration. Of course, when your windows are already that old, a full replacement is highly recommended.

Knowing the Signs

1. Storm Damage – If your home was recently hit by a recent storm, then it’s highly likely that your windows were also affected. Make sure to call your trusted contractor to get them replaced as soon as possible.

2. Difficulty in Operation – This can often happen over the years with double-hung windows. While the causes of this are relatively minor, there may be a chance that you’ll need to have them professionally repaired in case the seals are damaged or broken.

3. Condensation – Double-pane windows would often get this when their seals have been broken and moisture has gotten in-between the panes. When this happens, the affected window will almost be just as efficient as a single-pane window. Make sure you have them replaced by a professional so that your home stays energy-efficient.

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