The Most Common Roofing Concerns Homeowners Face

The Most Common Roofing Concerns Homeowners Face

Your roof is a large and complex structure that requires your full attention. It is designed to provide superior weather protection and contributes to your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. To ensure its longevity and performance, you must be aware of the most common concerns involved with its maintenance and upkeep. Local roofing company Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC discusses some of them here in today’s in-depth article.

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Damaged Shingles

Roofing shingles play an integral role in keeping your roof in good shape and ensuring a dry, damage-free home. However, as with most exterior components, they are subject to constant exposure to the local weather, causing them to wear down over time.

Strong winds, for instance, can loosen or tear off the shingles from their attachments completely. The intense heat of summer can make them dry and brittle. Dents and cracks on the roof surface may become apparent due to impact damage from hail or wind-blown debris. Moisture seeping through the damaged shingles may also lead to blistering, reducing the roofing material’s durability.

Inadequate Ventilation

Sufficient ventilation is necessary to ensure your roofing system’s effectiveness and your home’s consistent indoor comfort. Through a system of intake and exhaust vents, cool air enters through your roof’s eaves and warm air inside the attic can escape through the roof’s ridge.

If not properly installed, heat and moisture can build up and get trapped inside the attic, causing a slew of problems such as mold and mildew growth, ice dams, and premature aging of roof shingles. This issue can also worsen your roof’s structural integrity and increase your energy bills.


Trees provide shade to keep your home interior cool in the summer. They also help boost your home’s curb appeal. However, they pose a threat to your roof and home during inclement weather, particularly severe windstorms.

The branches of old, unsupported trees may break off and land on your roof, causing dents, cracks and punctures on the roof surface. Overhanging branches swaying in the wind tend to brush against your roof, dislodging the protective granules of the shingles. This shortens the lifespan of your roof as it becomes more susceptible to the elements, including moisture and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutter system isn’t as big as the other home exteriors; nonetheless, it plays a major role in protecting your home from damage. The gutters and downspouts support your roof by catching water running down your roof and directing it away from your property. With these, the structural integrity of your roof and home remains intact while preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

However, your gutter system can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other loose debris. Water stains on the ceiling, for instance, are a clear indication that your roof has a leak. Moisture might have seeped through the shingles, underlayment, and decking. It is also worth noting that water moves through a path of least resistance, which is why a water stain on the ceiling doesn’t always mean the source of the leak is right above it.

Roof Leaks

Leaks are arguably the most common roofing concern homeowners face. They can occur anywhere along the roof, even when your shingles are in relatively good condition. Given time, they can and will worsen. Storm damage and poor maintenance are some of the reasons for roof leaks, which is why you must catch the problem in its minor form and have it addressed by professional roofers as soon as possible.

Knowing where to look is the first step. Water stains on the ceiling, for instance, are a clear indication that your roof is leaking. Moisture might have seeped through the shingles, underlayment, and decking. It is also worth noting that water moves through a path of least resistance, which is why a water stain on the ceiling doesn’t always mean the source of the leak is right above it.

How to Deal With These Roofing Concerns

Overlooking the issues discussed above can lead to serious damage, which then results in extensive and costly repair work. Thus, you must take the necessary measures to ensure your roofing system continues to protect you and your family. The following are some of the ways you can do when dealing with these roofing problems:

  • Hire a Trusted Roofing Company

Make sure any roofing problem you might have is properly dealt with by working with a reliable roofing contractor who can handle the job. Roofing work can be complicated, and going the DIY route isn’t going to cut it. If you want to ensure your home remains dry and damage-free, it pays that you leave the work to the pros. After all, they have the experience and the necessary tools to complete certain tasks. They also make sure to protect your investment and prevent roof damage from worsening. Be sure the contractor you hire has a business license, is licensed and insured, and is recognized by leaving roof manufacturers.

  • Have Your Roof Inspected

Investing in a comprehensive roof inspection from your chosen contractor helps extend the life of your roofing system while preventing small problems from worsening and avoiding costly repairs in the future. It is especially important following a major weather event like a snowstorm or hailstorm. Expect the team to use their combined knowledge and experience to fully determine the extent of damage on your system.

  • Invest in Professional Repairs

Regardless of how small or big the roofing problem is, always see to it that it is fixed right away. Keep in mind that a simple roof leak or localized shingle damage can get worse over time and leave your home vulnerable to severe and extensive water damage. Get in touch with your chosen roofing contractor for the necessary repair solutions. In doing so, not only will you be extending the life of your roof but also improve your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency. You can also rest assured that your investment will also provide top-notch weather protection all year round and help add value to your home in terms of aesthetic appeal.

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