Roof Pitch: How and Why It Affect Roof Replacement Costs

Roof Pitch: How and Why It Affect Roof Replacement Costs

Once you’ve found a contractor for your roof replacement, the next step is to set your budget. Different factors can affect the cost of your project, including the size of your roof, the materials you choose and whether any repairs need to be done before the shingles can be replaced. One factor that has a big impact on budget, which many homeowners aren’t aware of, is the steepness or slope of the roof. 

Here’s how and why the roof pitch can affect the cost of your roofing project. 

What Is Roof Pitch?

Roof pitch refers to the slope formed by the rafters. There are two ways to measure slope: from the top of the roof or from the bottom of the rafters. The first number of the pitch pertains to the rise of the roof in inches, and the second number is the run of the roof in inches. 

Types of Roof According to Pitch

Flat Roofs – You might be surprised to learn that even so-called “flat roofs” aren’t completely flat. They have a slight slope for effective water shedding. These roofs typically have a pitch of 1/2:12 to 2:12. When the roof is completely flat, water and snow will not drain properly, compromising the system’s structural integrity. 

Low-Pitched Roofs – With a pitch of 4:12 and below, low-pitched roofs need special materials to prevent leaks. They may also require more maintenance than sloped roofs. 

Conventional Roofs – These roofs have a pitch that ranges from 4:12 to 9:12. Conventional roofs are easy to build and safe to walk on. 

High-Pitched Roofs – High-pitched roofs need more fasteners and their pitch can be as high as 21:12. 

Pitch and Roof Replacement Costs

Your roofing contractor will need to use more shingles to cover your roof if it has a steep slope. The cost of materials might double on a 12:12 roof as to a 4:12 roof. Roof pitch is something you should consider if you’re having a new home built. Before constructing your home, consult a building supply specialist about estimates for asphalt shingle costs for different heights of roof pitch. 

When it comes to roof replacement, you can expect higher estimates for roofs that contractors don’t consider walkable. Professionals use the term “walkable” for roofs with a slope that are not that steep and safe to walk on. This usually applies to systems with pitches under 8:12. 

There are various reasons why it costs more to replace a roof with a steeper slope. Your roofer will need to be more careful when working on a steep roof, meaning that the installation will take more time. Some contractors provide estimates based on the duration of the project. They may also need to use equipment like rigging or scaffolding, which can add to the cost of your project. 

Also, installing shingles on steep roofs require special techniques. In some cases, installers need to use more nails per shingle or use roofing cement to keep the shingle warranty valid. These additional measures can add to your roofing cost. 

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