Roof Flashing and What You Need to Know

Roof Flashing and What You Need to Know

The flashing protects the most vulnerable parts of your roof from water intrusion. As a toroofing contractorwe’re here to discuss all you need to know about roof flashing and why it’s so important for your home.

Roof Flashing and What You Need to KnowFlashing: What It Is and How It’s Used

Basically, flashing looks like a bendable strip of metal that roofers install around the parts of your roof that are most prone to water leaks, such as areas where walls meet your roof or around chimneys. The flashing is also used to allow the roof and walls to expand and contract under temperature changes without cracking. Aluminum is the most common material used for residential roof flashing, but there are other materials to choose from, such as rubber, steel or even liquid flashing.

Why Is Flashing Important?

Flashing protects the most vulnerable areas of your roof from water penetration. Flashing is installed over the joints of the roof to help prevent water intrusion.

A joint in a roof is where two slopes meet. Unless your home has a flat roof, there will be some places in your roof that have ‘valleys’, or where two different slopes meet. These are the usual places where flashing is installed. Other areas are around chimneys and skylights. Unless you want to spend for more costly roofing repairs later on, you need to have adequate flashing installed.

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