How Roofers Deal With Rain During a Job

How Roofers Deal With Rain During a Job

What happens if it starts pouring while your roofer is repairing or replacing your roof? While working on gutter covers and roofs in the rain is possible, it is not ideal and is something most roofers will try to avoid by paying careful attention to the forecast.

Rain During a Job

This article will explain how to deal with rain and what problems it may cause during your roofing project. Find out if rain will be a problem for your roof and what to do if it starts pouring suddenly by reading the information below.

What You Can Expect From a Reliable Roofer

You can expect reliable roofers to monitor the weather and let you know if they think you should put off your roofing project. This is to protect their employees from falling hazards on a wet roof, and to prevent damage to your property for which they may be held accountable.

While it’s technically possible to replace a roof in the rain, the risks of doing so are so great that it’s better to avoid it if you can. Allow the gutter protection services provider to wait until the weather is clear and your roof is dry before starting any work. This will protect both the workers and your roof.

What To Do When It Rains During a Roofing Job

If it starts raining while roofers are replacing the roof, they should cover the decking with a tarp right away. It is against most construction rules to install a new roof over wet wood or a wrinkled sheer barrier because the shingles may not stay in place.

If your roof deck gets wet, your roofers should wait for it to dry completely before continuing with the installation. This is to prevent moisture from being trapped beneath the roofing material and causing swelling or lifting of the edges.

In addition, defying the instructions of the manufacturer could void your roof’s guarantee. There will be no liability for damage caused by poor workmanship or less-than-ideal installation conditions if the product is made by the manufacturer.

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