Getting Your Home Ready For a Roof Replacement

Getting Your Home Ready For a Roof Replacement

Getting a new roofing system is a great investment for your property. You might consider using the same type of roofing material, but with many modern designs and better options available, it’s usually better to upgrade to one that provides better durability and longevity. Of course, choosing the right material is only one aspect out of several that you’ll need to take care of if you want your new roof to be successfully installed.

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Taking the First Step

While many can claim to be professional roofers, not all can get the job done professionally. This is why during the initial planning stages of your roof replacement, you need to do your research thoroughly before hiring a contractor. And with an experienced professional such as Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, we’ll guide you through the roof replacement process. From choosing the best roofing material for your home up until the final inspection after installation, we make sure that your roof is built to meet your expectations. We even offer maintenance checks to keep your roof in good shape!

Determining the Size and Scope of Your Replacement

A well-prepared roofing replacement ensures your home is protected from different weather conditions for years while also increasing your property value. This means knowing how much you need to spend for your replacement, even if it’s a rough estimate. One way to do this is by using a roofing calculator to compute the roof’s surface area, the pitch of the roof, the number of rafters or trusses, and even the number of sheeting boards!

You can also get a clearer idea of how much you’ll need to spend by getting quotes from several prospective contractors. You can ask your friends and neighbors about who they previously hired for their roof repair and replacement projects and whether they did a good job. This helps you narrow down your choices on who you’ll want to hire. With your prospective contractors giving you different estimates at similar price points, you can determine if your budget can afford your new roofing replacement.

Before Renovation Begins 

With your roof replacement about to commence, there are a few things you need to prepare for the project. This is to ensure your hired roofing contractor works without any hiccups or delays while keeping the mess as minimal as possible. To ensure a smooth and efficient building process, here’s what you need to do:

  • Inform Your Neighbors – You can expect it to be distracting and noisy for your neighbors. They might be excited about your new roof since it raises your property, but it’s still important to inform them beforehand about the upcoming renovation project. It doesn’t hurt to take time and tell them about what’s going to happen, such as the noise when power tools are used and the possibility of debris such as a shingle or nail flying into their yard. By letting them know ahead of time, you’ll avoid grumpy neighbors because they’ll anticipate the possible disturbance and become more tolerant of the ongoing roof renovation.
  • Take Care of Your Attic – As a reputable roofing contractor, we strongly recommend that you clear out your attic of any furniture or items that you might keep. Attics are often used as storage areas for old, fragile, and sentimental items, which means they’re especially vulnerable to damage during the roof renovation process. And since your attic is going to collect a lot of dust during your roofing renovation process, we suggest laying painter’s drop sheets or taps on the floor. This will make cleaning easier once the roof is installed!
  • Secure Your Children and Pets – Your children and pets will also be vulnerable during the roof renovation process, especially if they’re curious about unfamiliar people and hazardous equipment. It can also get noisy when your old roof is being torn off and make your children feel awkward and your pets hostile. Make sure to keep your children and pets indoors at all times during the roof renovation process. You can also make arrangements for them to stay with a friend or relative for better safety!
  • Secure Your Outdoor Furniture – If you have any potted plants, toys, or patio furniture around your home, make sure they’re cleared out of the way for the roofers before the replacement begins. This is because the workers will walk around your home’s perimeter and access your roof from all sides during the renovation process. There should be at least a 15-foot clearance to ensure no obstructions are hindering their work. 

If you have a gazebo in your yard, it may be wise to take down or cover the curtains to protect them from dust and debris. You may also need to cover some of your furniture with tarps to prevent falling debris such as nails or shingles from damaging them.

  • Take Care of Your Front and Back Yard – If you have a garden near your roof, clear out or move any items that may get damaged during the renovation process. You can also choose to mark or cover them up to prevent dust and debris from damaging them. This includes statues, wind chimes, birdhouses/feeders, stepping stones, and even water fountains!

As for immovable items such as sprinklers, ponds, or plants, make sure to mark them so that the roofers won’t accidentally trample or trip over them. You may also want to cut your grass about a day before the renovation process so that it will be faster for the roofers to clean up after installation.

  • Make Your Home Accessible – This means making sure your gates are open because the hired roofers will constantly go in and out of your home while doing their job. They’ll also use power tools and other equipment that need electricity, so you need to give them access to an outlet or two. This shouldn’t be a problem if you already have outdoor electrical outlets, but if you don’t, you can always leave a door or window open near one for them to use while replacing your roof.

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