GAF Roofing System Benefits to Consider for Your Home

GAF Roofing System Benefits to Consider for Your Home

There are many reasons why homeowners invest in a new roofing system. Some will need a replacement if their current roof is too old to maintain and repairs have become too expensive to keep up. It may also be necessary if the roof suffered significant damage from a recent storm. Others will also consider a new roof if it can increase their property’s resale value. It may even be the most cost-effective solution depending on the roof’s overall appearance and condition. 

GAF Roofing System

But no matter what your reasons are for getting your roof replaced, you shouldn’t cut corners and settle on cheap materials and workmanship. It’s still a major home renovation, so you should make the most out of your investment. Delaying the replacement project is also never ideal even if the roof doesn’t look visibly damaged. This is because there’s still a chance that hidden damage within the structure can affect your home and lead to costly repairs.  

The Right Roof for Your Home

Like some homeowners, you might be considering the same material for your new roofing system. However, it will only deliver the same level of protection for your home, so you’re better off investing in better-quality material. And with many modern options available for your home, it won’t be difficult to choose what fits your needs and preferences. 

Remember that quality alone won’t be enough to protect your home. Your new roof should also be installed by a trained professional who can provide top-notch workmanship for the job. And out of the few roofing contractors that meet these qualifications, There’s no better choice than a GAF-certified installer.

Why GAF Is the Best Choice

GAF is one of North America’s largest and most recognizable manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing materials. The company is widely popular in the industry for world-class products as they focus on providing the best roofing services to its clients. It does this by training only the best roofers in the country who want to get certified to install the standard roofing products. This means only a GAF-certified contractor such as Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC can build a solid and reliable roof that can protect your home and family.

Exceptional Warranties

GAF’s robust and reliable warranties are another testament to its high standards in quality workmanship. Almost any professional roofing contractor will recommend GAF if you want your new roof to have the best coverage in the market. Our roofing products simply offer multiple levels of protection that other brands won’t provide. We’ve listed three of the most popular options below.

  • GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty. This option is available to any shingle and accessory product installed on a free-standing single-family detached home. It’s also one of the most basic warranties GAF offers for its shingle roof products and related accessories. Depending on the product, they come with a 10-year Smart Choice® Protection Period along with 10 to 25 years of algae coverage. This also comes with a 15-year wind warranty that covers a maximum wind speed of 130 miles per hour (mph).
  • GAF System Plus® Limited Warranty. Your GAF roofing contractor will offer this if you select qualifying GAF shingles and at least three accessory products. You get a lifetime warranty term for GAF shingles as well as a 50-year Smart Choice Protection Period. It also comes with around 10 to 25 years of algae warranty, a 15-year wind warranty, and additional coverage for roofing tear-off costs.
  • GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This premium warranty plan has the same eligibility requirements as the System Plus warranty, but with a few additions. Along with the roof tear-off coverage, the disposal costs are also covered. The warranty also comes with a 25-year workmanship coverage, but it can be upgraded to 30 years on certain shingle products.

Full Range of Shingle Colors and Styles

As a leading roofing manufacturer in the industry, GAF produces shingles that cater to many kinds of homes. Their extensive architectural, designer and specialty shingle options are worth browsing if you’re looking for a specific style for your home. Combine this with their diverse shingle color palette and you get a GAF roof that’s unique to your visual and performance preferences. 

If you’re keen on getting a GAF roofing system for your home, many roofers strongly recommend Timberline® shingles. As one of the brand’s most recognizable products, they come in many different color palettes apart from the usual brown and earthy colors. There’s a color to match any residential exterior, including some of the most popular options such as slate, hickory, missionary brown, and even weathered wood. They also won’t fade easily thanks to GAF’s proprietary Color Lock™ firing technology, which ensures they have a color scheme that lasts for many years. 

Increased Property Value

The style and appeal that comes with a well-built GAF roofing system can easily turn heads in your neighborhood. At the same time, their incredible resilience against the elements also attracts potential home buyers who want a visually appealing and move-in-ready home. Many future homeowners understand just how reliable GAF products are as they’re more interested in purchasing a house if it uses their roofing materials. 

Superior Product Reliability and Weather Resilience

A GAF roofing system provides exceptional protection against different weather conditions and elements. The system is built for reliable weather protection as well as fire and high-speed wind resistance through different components. GAF’s Stainguard Plus™ also protects the shingles against algae that may otherwise grow on the surface and cause damage. It even has a well-designed ventilation system in the attic to prevent moisture buildup and mold growth.

If you’re still hesitant about getting a GAF roofing system for your home, you can always talk to one of our trusted roofers at Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC. You can count on our training and experience to get the job done with speed and efficiency. You can reach us at (815) 964-2220, or fill out our online contact form to get a free quote. We serve residents in Rockford and the neighboring communities.