Change These 5 Bad Window Maintenance Habits

Change These 5 Bad Window Maintenance Habits

Windows illuminate your living space, preventing it from looking confined and gloomy. They allow fresh air indoors and help eliminate excess heat and lingering odors from your home. With proper care, they will last longer and look appealing for years. However, some maintenance habits do more harm than good to your windows. 

Bad Window Maintenance Habits

A local installer of windows and gutter guards shares five bad window maintenance habits to avoid. 

1. Using Harsh Chemicals

Be mindful of the cleaning products you use on your windows. While harsh chemicals can eliminate stubborn dirt and stains, they can damage various window components. They can cause frames to fade or sealants to deteriorate. Only use mild soap and water or manufacturer-recommended cleaners. 

2. Pressure Washing Windows

Homeowners typically use pressure washers to clean their driveways. However, this equipment is not meant for washing windows or the walls next to them. Pressure washing windows can remove the coatings on glass or harm seals around the frames. 

3. Not Dusting Before Washing

Be sure to dust your windows before washing them. Doing so will let you see if there’s something stuck on your windows. This step is also vital to avoid unsightly marks after cleaning. 

If you notice your windows have extensive damage or cracked glass after cleaning, they might need to be replaced. Deteriorating windows can compromise your home’s safety and comfort. At Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, we install superior replacement windows. We also offer high-quality gutter covers

4. Cleaning Just One Side of Your Windows

Both the interior and exterior window components can get dirty over time. It’s why you should clean both sides of windows regularly. For your safety, hire skilled professionals to clean units on the upper levels of your house. 

5. Washing Windows on a Sunny Day

It’s best to clean your windows during a cloudy day. Streaks can form on the glass if you do the task on a warm or sunny day. The heat causes water and cleaning products to dry faster than you can wipe them, resulting in marks. 

When it’s time to replace your home’s windows, you can depend on Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC. We are a leading provider of window replacement and gutter protection services. Call us at (815) 964-2220 or complete our online form for a free quote. We work with clients in Rockford, IL, and nearby areas.