A Guide to Roof Replacements and Your HOA

A Guide to Roof Replacements and Your HOA

Although living in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) offers many great benefits, it also has drawbacks. If you have renovation plans for your home, you will probably need to obtain the approval of your HOA before pushing through. Here’s a guide by your local gutter protection services provider on what to expect through this process.

Dealing With HOAs

If you live in a community with an HOA, you should familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding home improvement projects like roof replacement. An HOA is there to make and enforce rules for the properties and residents of a community. They are in charge of protecting property values by imposing such regulations and may require fixed fees and orders. HOA approval on home improvement projects is necessary to:

  1. Keep the neighborhood uniform. Your HOA ensures each home in the area maintains a pleasant and uniform appearance. Whether you need gutter covers, a new set of windows or a new roof, you need to secure HOA approval before you begin the project. For roof replacement, do not forget to verify your HOA’s bylaws to guarantee your roof type, decking material and shingle color are within those guidelines.

  2. Prevent lawsuits or costly fines. Ask the board for clarification if there’s something unclear to you about the guidelines. If you fail to abide by these governing documents, you may encounter consequences that could make you liable for rule violation fines or, worse, lawsuits against your property owner.

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