5 Risks of Repairing Your Own Roof

5 Risks of Repairing Your Own Roof

It may be tempting to try to fix a broken roof or replace missing roof shingles on your own if you are handy with household repairs. However, roof repair can be quite dangerous if not done by a team of licensed roofing contractors.

Repairing Your Own Roof

Rather than attempting a roofing or gutter covers project on your own, it is critical to schedule your repairs with a licensed roofing company. Your roofers will complete your roof repairs safely, quickly and effectively. 

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why DIY roof repairs are so risky.

1. Safety Risks. A roof fall can land you in a wheelchair for life; an equipment mishap can cost you a finger. Leave roof maintenance and repairs to the pros to avoid injury.

2. Improper Installations. Roofing supplies come with instructions, but proper installation takes skill. DIY-ers risk making numerous blunders unknowingly. Without a trained eye, you may not notice you messed up until a leak develops. Hiring professionals from the get-go helps you avoid costly mishaps.

3. Poor Workmanship. Self-repairing a damaged roof means you alone are responsible for the workmanship. Any mistakes are your fault and yours alone. Hiring a skilled roofing and gutter protection services contractor gives you a warranty on craftsmanship, meaning your roofer is responsible if anything should go wrong with the installation.

4. Voided Warranty. The guarantee may be included in the purchase price, but improper installation voids it. Most residential and commercial roofing manufacturers adhere to strict installation guidelines. One omission could render your guarantee worthless.

 5. Denied Insurance Claim. If your insurance policy does not cover non-professional repairs, taking matters into your own hands could result in your claim being denied in the future. You can still appeal, but if you don’t have advanced roofing credentials, it will be difficult to prove that you didn’t contribute to the problem.

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