4 Tips for Accurate Siding Estimate

4 Tips for Accurate Siding Estimate

Replacing your siding is a significant expense, which is why you have to take into consideration several factors that go into it. For you to get the best value out of this major home improvement, you have to get an accurate estimate. In doing so, you won’t get blindsided by surprise expenses that may come your way. Trusted siding and roofing contractor Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC has put together this quick guide on how to get an accurate siding estimate.

Siding Estimate

1. Research About the Project

The first step in getting a reasonable estimate for siding is to research. The type and amount of siding you choose will have a big impact on the total cost, so think about what you want for your home. Also, figuring out how much space the new siding will need to cover is important. With this information, you know how much material you need.

2. Get Multiple Quotes

When planning a home improvement project, it is standard practice for homeowners to obtain more than quote for them to compare and contrast. Doing so also helps in asking the right questions to prospective contractors, from roofers to siding installers. Of course, never assume that the lowest estimate is the best. Experienced contractors will do their best to find the right solution that best fits your needs and budget, which will reflect on the estimates they’ll provide you.

3. Choose Quality Materials

Low-quality siding might seem like a quick fix to soften the blow of the potential cost of the project, but it could end up costing you more in the long run to the tune of early failure and premature replacement. Be sure to choose durable siding materials that can stand up the test of time and have minimal maintenance requirements.

4. Time Your Project

Siding replacement can be done at any time of the year, but for you to get the project approved right away and get the best estimate, consider having it completed during a period when there’s less demand for home improvement services. This ensures the availability of the contractor and the potential lower cost of installation.

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