The Factors That Affect Your Roof’s Life Span

The Factors That Affect Your Roof’s Life Span

Roofers are often asked about the best ways to boost roof longevity. The truth is, there are many variables that affect the lifespan of a roof, and as a homeowner, it pays to consider all of them.

The Factors That Affect Your Roof's Life Span

These are the factors that affect your roof’s life span:

Quality of Installation

It doesn’t matter if you install the most durable roofing system available; if it wasn’t installed properly, it won’t perform properly and you’ll likely have to replace it early. Workmanship errors are one of the leading causes of premature roof failure.


Don’t wait until your roof has a glaring problem before turning your attention to it. Investing in routine, preventative maintenance helps keep your roof in prime condition by allowing you to identify and repair minor issues before they worsen.

The Elements

The demands of your local climate also impact your roof’s long-term performance. Consult a trusted local roofer when choosing a roofing system. Make sure to invest in a roofing system that is suited to the climate in your area so you won’t be faced with frequent repairs.


Inadequate attic ventilation can also compromise your roof’s longevity. Too little of it will cause your shingles to bake and warp, especially during hot summer months. On the other hand, too much ventilation can also have adverse effects.

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