Preventing the Risks of Clogged Gutters with Gutter Helmet®

Preventing the Risks of Clogged Gutters with Gutter Helmet®

Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, your expert roofing contractor in Rockford, IL, offers quality Gutter Helmet® to protect your gutter systems. Clogged gutters are caused by blockages such as leaves and debris that build up inside the system. When it rains, blockages can lead to water to overflowing along the sides of your home. This water may then pool around your foundation, compromising its structural integrity, or cause water damage to your interior.

How Can I Avoid the Risks of Clogged Gutters?

Regular maintenance is key to preventing debris buildup in your gutter system. This can be a stressful and risky task, however, and is best left to professionals. Gutter protection systems can offer a more long-term solution.

At Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, we offer Gutter Helmet’s quality gutter covers for your system. This allows you to enjoy well-maintained gutters for your roofing in Rockford, IL, without the stress and added expense of cleaning and maintenance.

How Can Gutter Helmet Help?

Gutter Helmet features a unique design that effectively keeps out all leaves and debris from your gutters. Its textured and ribbed surface design provides increased surface tension. This allows rainwater to cling to its surface while flowing downward and directly to your gutters. This also prevents leaves and other debris from entering your gutters by keeping them on the surface. Once dry, these are easily blown off by the wind. Its improved tensile strength allows your gutters to withstand extreme rainfall, snow loads, and winds.

Our gutter guards also feature a patented nose-forward design that features a 3/8”-wide slit that ensures only water can pass through. Meanwhile, our PermaLife™ finish helps protect it from chalking and fading, keeping your gutters beautiful for a long time.

Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC, one of the leading roofers in Rockford, IL, offers a range of roofing services along with our gutter protection systems. Ensure your home’s protection by investing in our quality products today.

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