Addressing the Consequences of Commercial Roof Leaks

Addressing the Consequences of Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial roof leakage can impact your business negatively in many ways. It will force you to deal with unexpected problems you might not have prepared for. Although dealing with a roof leak is a nuisance, ignoring it will only lead to bigger headaches.

Addressing the Consequences of Commercial Roof LeaksTo keep bad from getting worse, Lask Exterior Solutions, LLC offers effective solutions to address the consequences of commercial roof leaks:

Wet Flooring

In addition to fixing your leaky roofing system, cleaning up the puddles on the floor with absorbent mats is critical to prevent slips and falls. Mark off the affected areas with proper signage until they’re no longer slippery. It’s imperative to deal with wet floors urgently to avoid liability concerns, the rigors of litigation and a potential PR crisis.

Saturated Insulation

Insulation and water don’t mix. Wet insulation clumps, losing its effectiveness to do its one job. As part of your building maintenance routine, use infrared scans to identify soaked insulation early. While some kinds of insulation dry out over time, severe damage might render yours irreparable, necessitating prompt replacement.

Mold Growth

As your local roofing contractor, we deal with mold problems from roof leaks regularly. It’s not uncommon for high-moisture areas to have black streaks since mold is everywhere and constantly waiting for optimum conditions to grow. Upon discovering mold contamination, detecting the source of the leak is necessary to prevent it from happening again.

Accelerated Roof Aging

A roof leak will accelerate the aging process of your roof. We can inspect your system and determine whether it would be more cost efficient to repair your existing roof or replace it with a new one.

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